We are in the forefront of the technological revolution, working closely with providers of Business to Business E-commerce solutions.

We work closely with our clients to establish an appreciation of their needs, in terms of corporate culture, structure and conditions. Building on this, we can assess fully the skills required.

Only when we have developed a full understanding of our clients recruitment requirements do we formulate a strategy. We are able to precisely match the needs of our candidates and clients by applying our extensive knowledge and expertise of these markets.

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Our strategy is based on our industry knowledge and may include executive search, targeted advertising and possibly candidates from our own database. Whatever method is employed, the advising consultant maintains close contact with the client throughout the assignment to ensure a successful selection process.

We understand the dynamics of a rapidly evolving market. We speak the same language. We have developed a vast network of contacts and consistently deliver measurable results.

Our philosophy is to build high quality lasting relationships through partnership, integrity and commitment.